The financial command center for multinational startups

Maytana consolidates all your business bank accounts - no matter where they're based - into a single platform that gives you a complete view of your finances.

A modern interface for your bank...

Say goodbye to the clunky interface of your bank account in 2 minutes. Maytana works with your bank to give you a modern experience. matter how many accounts you have

Managing treasury data across entities is challenging. Maytana consolidates all of your bank accounts behind one interface.

Real-time, automated cash flow monitoring

Maytana connects with 2000+ bank accounts and your Stripe, Gusto, and Xero to initiate payment and access account information.

Maytana gives founders and CFOs the real-time data they need to manage cash and liquidity strategically.

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Advanced analytics
and insights to better operate

Maytana gives intelligence to your financial data. Maytana can answer questions such as how much you are spending on legal, or what is my runway?

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Get paid and pay
in any currencies

Features designed for international teams

Real-time alerts, international payments at the best FX rate, hedging contract, and automatic P&L generation are just some of our most exciting features.

Superpower your banking with our API

Thanks to the Maytana REST and SQL APIs, you can take control over your banking - make payments programmatically, power your custom dashboard, run SQL queries, and more.
With the webhook tracks every event across your accounts.

Integrate with
any business intelligence software

Thanks to our SQL API, you can connect your business intelligence software in just one click.

Backed by the same investors of Stripe, Airbnb and Transferwise

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